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BIOENERGY Magazine is  preparing to release it's first issue. Release date is scheduled for February 2018. Along with the first issue of the magazine, we'll release a full content of the website.

Publisher of BIOENERGY Magazine is the International Biofuel Association.
Thematic plan 2018

#1. Release date February 2018
‘’Wood as a source of energy and heat’’

#2. Release date April 2018
‘’Industry of extraction and processing of peat.
The experience of world leaders’’

#3. Release date June 2018
‘’Algae-based biofuel’’

#4. Release date August 2018
‘’Biogas from organic substances’’

#5. Release date October 2018
‘’The impact of biofuels on climate change’’

#6. Release date December 2018
‘’Bamboo!? Biomass & Fuel’’